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Friday, October 3, 2014

Instagram Round Up

If you're currently an Instagram fanatic like I am, then you know that it's probably one of the best social media outlets for the beauty and fashion world.

My top 5 things that I love about IG are listed below:

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1. Selfies - Yes, #selfies have taken over the IG feed and it's not just my fellow muas, it's everyone including someones grandma and grandpa. LOL

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2. Memes - I love a funny meme. From, "Ain't nobody got time for that" to "I'm just gonna sip this tea"
Memes are probably the majority of the posts that fall under the hashtag, #funny.

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3.Beyonce - As a true "Beyhive" member, anything Beyonce related will get a like. From Blue Ivy's hair to Jayonce. I'm here for it!

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4. Makeup - Oh, yes. I'm talking about those "Selfies" and "LOTD" that state, "I woke up like this!" or even better, "No filter" Please take 2 seats to the left ma'am... I am not here for those.

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5. Inspiration - This is the TOP reason that I love Instagram! I've connected with some AMAZING artists by just networking through IG. If you're a photographer, model, any type of artist; I'm loving your posts! Your post give me the inspiration to create some of the looks that I do on myself and also on my clients. Thank you! :)

So what's your top IG favs? Feel free to drop me a line below and share. Also, if you're on IG you can follow me @Radiantblends_mua. I will return the love as well.

Have a great Friday!


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