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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tips and tricks for the busy beauty!

I love sharing tips and tricks with all of my friends and clients. As a makeup professional, I'm always asked how to achieve a certain look?  Well I'm going to share some of those secrets and tips with you now!

Mascara: Every makeup artist has their own tips and tricks to applying makeup. One of my favorite tips is applying mascara, not just 1 but 2 coats. After you've applied your primers and foundation, apply 1 coat of mascara to your eyes. This will instantly open up your eyes as well. Once you've finished your eye makeup application, add another coat! Viola! Bold, dramatic lashes! 

Lashes:  Do you ever apply your mascara and your lashes instantly clump up like this?

Before you add on that coat of mascara. Try soaking the entire pump in a warm cup of water for a couple minutes. This will loosen up the mascara inside to ensure that it glides on perfectly and then your lashes will look full and glamorous.

Foundation: Want to achieve a quick airbrushed look without having to buy any type of machine? Of course you do! Before you apply your foundation, make sure your face is primed and moisturized. Next, wet the the tip of a Kabuki Brush, shown below and dip it into some liquid foundation;

I like to call this next step the sponge effect. Tap the foundation onto your forehead, checks, chin (T-Zone areas) and swirl it around until all areas are almost completely covered.  Next, take a sponge (shown below) and pat over the areas that you want to add more coverage to. This will give you a light coverage and airbrushed looked

Blush: I love applying blush last, it gives you that extra glow and truly finishes off your look. Best thing I've learned as an artist is that the golden rule for applying blush is it changes per facial structure. Check out this awesome chart below for some great tips: 

Lips: With the fall and winter weather our skin and lips become extra dry this time of year. Exfoliation is key and you can do this to your lips with a toothbrush. Add a little coconut oil and sugar in a cap and apply this to your lips daily in a circular motion  Doing this before applying your lip balm and lipstick will make your lips extra soft and smooth and it's perfect to do right before applying that matte lippie.

 Eyes: Before applying your liner, open up your eyes instantly with a white eye pencil and line it on the bottom of your waterline. This is perfect for those days when you're lacking extra sleep as well. Also, to give your eyebrows more of an arch, apply a light pink matte liner under your brow and blend, blend, blend it in please. You don't want to look like this: 

Eyebrows: Not everyone looks great with a square brow. Lets turn those bad brows from this:

  To this:

Here's a little chart that may better assist you with arching those brows:

That's all for now beauties! Feel free to comment below and share some of your fav beauty tips! 

Until next time, stay beautiful!





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