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Monday, March 18, 2013

Magically Delicious

So for St. Patty's Day I played around with some shades and came up with this look. It's actually a lot easier to achieve than it looks. Keep scrolling for a step by step tutorial:

For the eyes:
✨ Apply eyeshadow primer on lid and concealer under brow.

✨Blend a light cream shade like UD Naked Basics WOS.
✨Continue to blend above the crease a neutral almost tan shade like Naked 2, also from the basics palette.
✨In the crease blend a darker brown like Faint. 
✨Cover the lid below the crease with a white eyeliner base like Milk from NYX.

✨Starting in the inner corner of the eye, pat on a yellow e/s.
✨To the left of that shade use a light green and blend it slightly into the yellow.
✨ Next blend in a darker shade of green. 
✨Lastly, add a very dark green on the outer corner and into a v shape into the crease. 
✨Take a blending brush like Mac's 217 and blend all shades in the crease. 

✨For the lips:
Start with a white base on your lips. I used Milk by NXY.
✨Starting in the middle of your lips, add a bright yellow lipstick or e/s if you do not have a lippie in yellow. 
✨On the outside of the yellow, add a light green and blend it slightly into the yellow. 
✨Next add a darker shade of green and blend outwards towards your natural lip line.
✨Lastly, add a dark green liner and blend it into the previous green shade added. 
✨Top with a gloss and slightly press your lips together. 

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