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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All hail, Queen BEY!

It's Beyonce's Bday so it's the perfect opportunity to blog (more like brag) about one of my favorite music idols.

 First, let's take a look at a few of her fierce looks that have inspired so many of us.

PC to IG: This Pic just screams I'm Bey and I know it! Bey is fully contoured with soft pick lips, a neutral eye and a winged liner. Love this look!

PC to IG: I absolutely love this pic. Bey is fierce and seductive all at the same time. All neutral tones but still with a beat face. So flawless!

PC to Pure radiance beams from this pic. Sexy smokey eyes, full contoured face with just a hint of blush, pink lined lips and glitter on the inner eye. Ah... I love!

PC to I gotta say, I'm surprised that Jay let's Beyonce take pics like this. IJS! This hair though is EVERYTHING! I love the mauve toned lips and bold liner on the eyes too. Plus the lashes are perfect with this look too.

PC to Bey and Blue. It truly doesn't get any better than this. <3 All natural Bey with just a hint of colored lip gloss is one of my fav looks on her.

PC to So classic yet so DIVAlicious! Love the bold, black smokey eyes paired with the waves in her hair. Oh, and this dress! **falls out**

For anyone that had the privilege to attend The Mrs Carter Show, you know that Bey Worked the heck outta the stage. I not only love this costume on her but her hair and makeup are just pure perfection, in my opinion. Short hair on Bey is so necessary (As Jay would say) ;)

Lastly, I had to do a little Bey inspired Makeup look.

Products used are listed below:

  • Prime eyes with Lorac PRO Behind the Scenes Primer
  • Apply NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk to bottom lid
  • Apply BH Cosmetic's Glitter Black from the Party Girl Palette in the Crease (Blended)
  • Blended in Lorac's Taupe from the Lorac Pro Palette underneath the black crease (Transition)
  • Pat on Inglots #370 yellow e/s on the lower lid
  • Apply Lorac's Creme e/s from the Lorac Pro Palette underneath the brow.

Happy Birthday again, Beyonce! I know that you're on a beach somewhere with Blue and Jay enjoying life!

From me and the rest of the Beyhive, we love and adore you and keep the music coming!


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