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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swatches of Riri Loves Mac Summer Collection

Hello Beauties! 

So... I finally received my RiRi order this week and you already know I'm in love with all of the items! As may of you know, there are possible dupes for each color and item however we will get into that later. 

Here are the products that I purchased: 

From L-R:

Heaux Lipstick
Riri Boy
Riri Woo
Lustre Drops in Barbados Girl


Swatches from L-R:

Lustre Drops in Barbados Girl
Riri Boy
Riri Woo

As you can see, the difference between Heaux and Riri Woo are very vague in the swatch comparison. Heaux has a deep berry-red tone and it applies a bit smoother compared to Riri Woo.  Riri Boy is matte lavender and a bit creamier compared to Woo and Heaux. Honestly, this shade is not one of my favs since it's a bit pasty on my skintone. However, applied with a darker liner I think that it would work out for me. 

The Lustre Drops are amazing and you can even mix this in with your tinted moisterizer or foundation for a little glow and highlight.


Now if you're a MAC addict like myself, you've already grabbed up these babies. If not, there are plenty of dupes out there. 

RIRI Woo Dupes: Rimmel's lippie "#111" and Wet N Wild's "Stoplight Red." 
RIRI Boy Dupes: Revlon Berry Haute and MAC's "Up the Amp"
Heaux Dupes: MAC's "Diva" and Wet N Wild's "Cherry Picking"

That's all for now, until next time beauties! 

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